Fishing Boat

Full Duck Model

Starts from $450,000

  • 32Length
  • 7.5Width
  • 3.25Depth
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At Ramya Boat Yard, we understand the needs of fishing enthusiasts. Our fishing boats incorporate advanced technologies and innovative features to ensure comfort, stability, and efficient performance on the water. With ample storage, ergonomic seating, and top-of-the-line equipment, our fishing boats cater to casual and professional anglers. Discover how our fishing boats can elevate your angling experience.

Our fishing boats are expertly designed and built to withstand the rigors of fishing expeditions while providing comfort and reliability.

  • LENGTH: 32 Feet
  • WIDTH: 7.5 Feet
  • DEPTH: 3.25 Feet
  • Duck Shape
  • Hull Length 40 cms
  • Draft 1.9
  • Water Capacity 530 Ltrs
  • Fuel Capacity 200 Ltrs


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